Two new license types.

Hello, we are now offering two new additional beat license types that may suit your needs as an artist or company more than the licenses we currently offer! We have modified the basic lease to become a more affordable license which will be priced at $10 for artists that are not intending on distributing the song they make with the beat license but allows them to create a song and promote it without a “purchase your track today” tag being repeated throughout the track. This will give you a more in-depth analysis of how well the song sounds as a final product and how well it will perform if you decide to purchase a lease license that allows you the right to distribute/sell the song that you make with the beat. The current lease that allows you to distribute/sell your song will be now known as the “Standard Lease” instead of the “Basic Lease”. The basic lease will now consist of a low quality mp3 file without a repeating tag throughout the beat and is intended specifically for demoing(PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY) or auditioning a beat to see if the artist wants to purchase leasing or exclusive rights in the near future! You may not at anytime use the beat(s) for any commercial uses and you do not own any rights to the beat! The previous “Basic Lease” terms and conditions that will now be known as the “Standard Lease” will still apply to all previous customers that have purchased a “Basic Lease” before we implemented the change. The second new license will be a standard synchronization license, more information will be available soon on the terms and conditions page.