Which lease license is best for me and should i purchase exclusive rights?

It depends on how serious of an artist you are! If you’re an local artist without a following or fan base recording in a home studio and you’re trying to get your name known i suggest purchasing the basic(mp3) lease! If you’re an established artist with a following and have a good amount of fans that will purchase your work and you record in a professional studio i suggest that you purchase the high quality premium(wav) lease or the premium lease trackout. If you’re serious about achieving the best sound quality from purchasing a lease i suggest either the pro lease or the pro trackout. The pro licenses will provide you with majority of the same benefits of owning exclusive rights without actually purchasing the rights to the beat. I suggest before considering exclusive rights that you consider purchasing a lease license! I recommend this so you’ll be able to see if people gravitate towards the song and figure out if its profitable instead of dealing with a legally binding contract with exclusive rights. In order to purchase exclusive rights i have to first approve of the song! I DO NOT SELL EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE THE MONEY TO BUY IT! Exclusive rights and pro licenses are the best quality possible to be purchased being that its recorded at 24bit/96k sample rate.

What happens if i reach my distribution limit for the lease?

If you reach your distribution limit you have to renew your lease license or purchase exclusive rights. You can easily renew your lease license by purchasing a new one or contact me via e-mail at sales@sofoprod.com so i can send you an invoice to renew it.

After i purchase how will i receive the beat?

(UPDATED 4/28/16) All users making a paid or free purchase will only receive their instant download link via e-mail(valid). After the user makes a secure purchase via paypal for a lease license you’ll be redirected to the purchase confirmation page that will include a receipt with your payment information and an automated e-mail including your download link will be sent instantly.

When will i receive beat(purchase turnover)?

You will receive your purchased lease instantly via e-mail!

What are trackouts?

Trackouts are individually stemmed (separated instrument) audio files to the beat. Purchasing a tracked-out lease is ideal if you want to ensure you get the most optimal sound quality possible when mixing your songs.

I’ve picked the wrong beat, can i exchange it for another?

Customers are allowed to make an exchange for another beat only if the customer has not downloaded the initial lease/license they’ve purchased. You must contact us via e-mail immediately to inform us of the error so we can correct your order and send you another receipt with the correct beat.

I’ve purchased a lease and downloaded it, can i be refunded if i changed my mind?

We only allow refunds for customers that have not downloaded the initial lease/license they’ve purchased. Since the file is an intangible good and can not be physically or digitally returned its not possible for us to authorize any refunds to a customer under any circumstance once the file has been downloaded. If you have not downloaded the file You must contact us via e-mail immediately to inform us so we can cancel your order and grant you your refund.